Mesa County – Palisade Plunge Bike Trail ProjectMesa County – Palisade Plunge Bike Trail Project

Mesa County – Palisade Plunge Bike Trail Project

WestWater was contracted by Mesa County to complete biological surveys for the Palisade Plunge Bike Trail that is approximately 34 miles in length. The trail begins on the Grand Mesa and descends through a variety of habitat types to its terminus near Palisade, CO.

WestWater biologists completed pedestrian surveys for raptors and their nest sites, migratory birds including Pinyon Jays and other Birds of Conservation Concern, and rare and sensitive wildlife species. WestWater biologists completed the raptor surveys in accordance with BLM, Grand Junction Field Office, and Grand Mesa National Forest survey protocols for raptors using call playback methodology.

Surveys were also completed for sensitive, threatened and endangered plant species. WestWater prepared a biological survey report upon the completion of field surveys that was used in BLM’s NEPA analysis of the project.