Consulting engineers and scientists

We’ll handle the engineering and environmental consulting needs you have for your project.

Our engineering department specializes in the drinking water and domestic wastewater utility services.

Services include field investigations, data collection, long-range planning, feasibility studies, permitting, preliminary design, preparation of Plans and Specifications, contract administration and construction inspection.

Our diverse environmental staff of biologists, resource specialists, GIS analysts, hydrologists, and geologists allows us to foresee potential project hurdles related to natural resource issues and to identify workable solutions.  

WestWater Engineering was founded in 1979 to provide planning and design services for drinking water and domestic wastewater systems.

Growing and diversified client needs led to development of expertise in related fields of environmental science.

The ability to fully integrate engineering design and environmental resources allows us to carry a project through from planning and permitting to design and our ability to work as a project team with other consultants, regulatory agencies, and clients allows us to achieve project goals in a timely and cost effective manner.