Central Grand Valley Sanitation District

WestWater Engineering has provided engineering services for the Central Grand Valley Sanitation District for the past 20 years, and has been responsible for design and construction inspection of new sewer lines ranging in size from 8-inch to 15-inch over that period of time.

The majority of new construction has involved replacement of existing lines which have reached hydraulic capacity or have deteriorated over time as a result of hydrogen sulfide gasses.

WestWater Engineering has been responsible for investigation and coordination for right-of-way acquisition, and coordination with Mesa County, the City of Grand Junction, and the Colorado Department of Transportation on many of the projects.

WestWater Engineering has also recently completed a Preliminary Engineering/Interceptor Capacity study for over 75 miles of gravity flow sewer lines, five separate lift stations and force mains, and a service area of 5,600 acres that is 50% built-out, including flow monitoring, wastewater sampling, TV inspection and computer modeling to determine available capacity, peak loadings and impacts of growth.

WestWater Engineering has also been responsible for review and inspection of new sewer line extensions for new developments within the District.