Town of Crawford

WestWater Engineering provided design and resident engineering services for replacement of the entire distribution system consisting of 20,000 feet of waterlines and 175 service connections. As a result, the Town’s fire insurance rating was upgraded from a Class 9 to a Class 5, thus providing a substantial cost savings to residents in lower fire insurance premiums.

As a continuation of the Town’s water system improvements, and evaluation of the springs supply, transmission line, treated water storage tanks and the recently upgraded distribution system was completed.

Based on the recommendations of the study, WestWater Engineering provided design and resident engineering for replacement of approximately 2½ miles of existing 4-inch steel pipe with new 6-inch PVC waterline, and construction of a new 6-inch waterline extension to the Crawford State Park. In addition, modifications were designed for automatic operation and level controls of the Town’s storage tanks, and a manually operated bypass line was replaced with a PRV vault to also function automatically at critical drawdown level at storage tanks during periods of high demands.