Norwood Water Commission

WestWater first provided water system master planning in the early 1990’s and continues to provide engineering assistance to-date.

The original master plan that was primarily focused on the distribution system which included six (6) gravity flow pressure zones plus one pumped zone, plus a raw water supply feasibility assessment in 1995. The master plan was directly followed with a long-range water rate study and capital improvement plan in 1995, and systematic implementation of specific components of the plan as necessary.

In 2006, the water system master plan and computer model were updated to incorporate higher system demands resulting from taps sold during the interim, and to include capital improvements implemented to-date such as new waterline extensions, waterline upgrades, new storage tank and a proposed booster pump station for a critically low pressure service area.

That master plan update also addressed new priority issues related to storage tank rehabilitation, chlorine residual maintenance and water quality/disinfection byproducts that became a compliance issue as LT1 and LT2 regulations became effective.

The most recent master plan update was completed in 2009 in conjunction with treatment and distribution system improvements funded under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.