Jerry Creek Reservoirs No. 1 and No. 2

WestWater Engineering has represented the Ute Water Conservancy District on a number of projects in the past and is familiar with the District’s standards and practices. WestWater Engineering worked on the Plateau Creek Pipeline replacement project representing the District and has designed several waterline extensions for the District in the past.

One of those projects included the preliminary and final design for the inter-connection pipeline between the Jerry Creek Reservoirs in 1992. The project consisted of approximately 1,000-feet of 30-inch “low head” concrete pipe, concrete outlet structure and flumes for monitoring flows between the reservoirs, and an inlet gated manhole structure to control releases between Jerry Creek No. 2 and Jerry Creek No.1.

The interconnection has eliminated stagnant water conditions and has created a balanced aquatic ecosystem necessary to maintain a healthy reservoir which has contributed to lower treatment costs. Indications from treatment plant records are that the interconnection project will have paid for itself through reduced chemical costs in 3 to 5 years.