BLM – 2013 Solar Biologic Survey ProjectBLM – 2013 Solar Biologic Survey Project

BLM – 2013 Solar Biologic Survey Project

WestWater conducted thorough pedestrian surveys of two areas within the GJFO, comprising a total of 4,146 acres.

Plant species of concern were Sclerocactus glaucus, Eriogonum contortum, Camissonia eastwoodiae, Lygodesmia doloresensis, Astragalus musiniensis, and Amsonia jonesii. Midget faded rattlesnakes, white tailed prairie dogs, Burrowing Owls and other raptor species, Birds of Conservation Concern, and kit fox were also considered.

These surveys were conducted to ensure compliance with the Endangered Species Act and BLM Resource Management Plans. SSS were identified and mapped within the project boundaries and a full biological survey report was submitted in September, 2013.